BASA offers several publications to our members. Review both purblications, such as the AdminiScope, which are available to all BASA members as well as publications such as the Management Guide which are available for purchase .

 Management Guide

               Management Guide Notebook Cover 2016 updated             
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    The Management Guide for School Administrators saves you valuable time by giving you critical information at your fingertips. This is your complete reference guide to Ohio school laws, rules and regulations.

This guide is a must-have resource for all new and experienced superintendents. Students in graduate schools of education administration also should have this invaluable educational management tool.

The 2016 Edition is now distributed in eBook format allowing full search capabilites. 

Click on Order Now to view a sample of  the book as well as to obtain addtional  information.  You may also order or download an order form from this page. The price remains $99 per copy this year!


Management Guide for School Administrators

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    The Adminiscope is a quarterly publication produced by BASA as a way to keep our members up on the latest and most up-to-date information effecting the school systems in the state of Ohio. 

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On Advice of Counsel

On Advice of Counsel

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    Kimball Carey, Legal Counsel to BASA, and partner with Bricker & Eckler LLP, provides periodic documents advising BASA members to take a specific action within the district related to a pertinent and timely issue. These advisories attempt to provide both language and timelines for actions that will enhance the member’s leadership and the successful operation of the school district. 

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Bricker Bullets

Bricker Bullet

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    Bricker Bullets are frequently published throughout the year for BASA members by BASA Legal Counsel, Bricker & Eckler LLP. The items provide up-to-date information on current legal/legislative issues that have recently had changes occur or have been newly enacted. 

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